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Mark Freeman,

McDonalds, Owner-Operator,
President, Chicago metro co-op group

Transit advertising is ideal for driving impulse purchase. With so much of our store sales coming from impulse buyers, the big, bold food-focus ad images on a wide array of transit properties is making a significant impact.

The Point of Purchase Institute,
Washington D.C.

Billboard displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising product in both product sales and consumer awareness.

Joel Manby,

President/CEO, Saab
The key benefit of truckside advertising for an auto manufacturer like Saab is that our brand and product messages reach customers in an environment where they're thinking about the cars around them - that's the kind of targeted marketing that appeals to Saab.

Sign Industry

Mobile Tri-Message signage is changing the face of the billboard industry.

Signs of the Times

The dazzling graphics and high-tech imagery used on trucks today are attracting local and national media attention. Many brands, including McDonalds, Saab, and Sprint PCS implemented mobile billboard advertising campaigns in the past 18 months to reach their target audiences where they work, play and congregate.

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