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Mobile Advertising Gets Noticed

The Transportation Advertising Council of America (TACA), a specialty group of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, confirmed mobile media's effectiveness in a recent study.

In this study to compare product sales with static displays versus motion displays:
  • Respondents recalled static displays only 43% of the time compared to the 94% which recalled rotating displays.
  • 80% recalled actual advertisements
  • The most impressive fact of all was that rotating displays increased sales by 107% as opposed to 54% by static billboards.

Findings by the American Trucking Association and 3M in their research on mobile advertising include:
  • Noticed text and graphics on mobile advertising
  • 35% of respondents looked closely at billboards
  • 29% of those surveyed said they would notice products advertised on trucks.

Case Study

The Association of Mobile Advertising recently conducted research on the effectiveness of mobile advertising. It created a three-truck advertising campaign for Boomerang dog food, a fictitious brand used only for the study.

Results included:

  • Boomerang's awareness increased from zero to 32%
  • Seventy-four percent of those aware of the advertisements correctly associated Boomerang with mobile advertising.
  • Awareness of the mobile advertising tended to be higher among males.
  • Respondents between 18 and 34 years had the highest awareness.

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